A Detailed List of Top 10 Laparoscopic Hospitals in Amritsar

A Detailed List of Top 10 Laparoscopic Hospitals in Amritsar

  • 12-01-2024

Amritsar, a city known for its rich cultural heritage, is also home to some cutting-edge medical facilities. Among these, laparoscopic hospitals play a pivotal role in providing advanced and minimally invasive surgical solutions. Here, we delve into the Top 10 Laparoscopic Hospitals in Amritsar, each contributing significantly to the realm of laparoscopic surgery. Let’s start from number ten:

10. NuLife Hospital

Equipped with the latest equipment offering precise, less-invasive techniques, the NuLife Hospital is synonymous with quality. Within its comprehensive services, laparoscopic surgery takes a prominent place. With a focus on gastrointestinal issues, NuLife Hospital excels in providing various laparoscopic treatments for urinary diseases. The hospital's commitment to cutting-edge technology and patient-centric care makes it a trusted choice for laparoscopic interventions. Amritsar's NuLife Hospital offers laparoscopic treatment for:

  • Kidney Stones

  • Bladder Cancer

  • Prostate

  • Female Bladder Cancer

Address: Near, Rattan Singh Chowk, C Block, Nai Abadi, Amritsar, Punjab 143001

9. S. Mehar Singh Hospital

Established in 2003, S. Mehar Singh Hospital stands as a comprehensive multi-speciality healthcare institution with a seamlessly integrated system. Providing 24/7 emergency care, the hospital's surgical and medical departments boast the latest technological advancements, ensuring swift and effective patient care. The commitment to minimizing patient hospitalization duration reflects their dedication to quick recovery and resumption of daily life.

The Laparoscopic Department at S. Mehar Singh Hospital is at the forefront of minimally invasive surgical solutions. Offering a spectrum of laparoscopic procedures as listed below, the hospital prioritizes patient-centric, advanced surgical techniques:

  • Laparoscopic Hysterectomy

  • Laparoscopic Gallbladder Surgery

  • Laparoscopic Kidney Stone Treatment

  • Laparoscopic Cataract Removal

  • Laparoscopic Hernia Repair

  • Laparoscopic Bladder Cancer Interventions

  • Laparoscopic Adrenal Gland Removal

  • Laparoscopic Inflamed Appendix Removal

  • Laparoscopic Treatment for Blocked Fallopian Tubes

Address: Sultanwind Road, Opp. Old Octroi, Amritsar (143001)

Website: www.meharsinghhospital.com

8. Sukh Sagar Multispeciality Hospital and Laparoscopic Centre 

Sukh Sagar Multispeciality Hospital proudly houses the Laparoscopy and Laser Centre, where innovative medical technologies are utilized to address a spectrum of women's health concerns. Among the advanced offerings is the application of a Non-ablative Dual Wavelength Diode Laser known as Heager-Sabrina, specifically designed for Vaginal and Pelvic Floor Health. This cutting-edge laser technology represents a non-invasive approach to enhancing uro-gynaecological well-being.

The hospital emphasizes non-operative treatments for uro-gynaecological issues, advocating for a life free from the constraints of stress incontinence and related concerns. The commitment to patient well-being is exemplified by the introduction of this state-of-the-art laser therapy for the first time in the region by Dr. Balwinder Kaur. A distinguished expert in Laparoscopic Gynecology, Dr. Balwinder leads the charge in incorporating non-ablative laser treatments, providing patients with an innovative and confidence-restoring solution to uro-gynaecological problems. Sukh Sagar Hospital stands as a pioneer in merging expertise with cutting-edge technology, ensuring comprehensive care for women's health in the realm of laparoscopic and laser interventions.

Address: 5, Maqbool Road, near Anand Avenue, Amritsar

Website: https://sukhsagarhospital.in 

7. Hartej Hospital

Hartej Hospital has earned a distinguished reputation as one of the leading laparoscopic surgery centers, providing state-of-the-art services in the field of minimally invasive procedures. Specializing in laparoscopic surgery, the hospital combines cutting-edge technology with a team of skilled surgeons, making it a preferred destination for patients seeking advanced and less invasive surgical solutions. 

Under the leadership of Managing Director Dr. HS Nagpal, the hospital has not only introduced advanced laparoscopic techniques to the city but has also been a pioneer in performing various laparoscopic surgeries for the first time. Dr. Nagpal's commitment to providing high-quality medical services is reflected in the hospital's accolades and his recognition as a key contributor to healthcare in the region.

The hospital's Laparoscopic Surgery Department encompasses a comprehensive range of procedures, including:

  • Lap Inguinal Hernia Repair

  • Lap Ventral Wall Hernia Repair

  • Laparoscopic Gallbladder Stone Removal

  • Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy (TLH)

  • Laparoscopic Colon Surgery

  • Laparoscopic Wertheim's for Cancer of the Cervix

  • Laparoscopic Radical Hysterectomy – Cancer of the Uterus

  • Laparoscopic Esophagectomy – For Cancer of Food Pipe

  • Laparoscopic Gynaecological Surgery

  • Laparoscopic Nephrectomy

  • Laparoscopic Pyeloplasty

  • PCNL – For Kidney Stones

  • Laparoscopic Fundoplication

Address: Ajnala Road, A - Block, Ranjit Avenue, Amritsar, Punjab 143001

Website: https://hartejhospital.com 

6. Ohri Hospital

Ohri Hospital, a name associated with quality healthcare, extends its expertise to laparoscopic surgery. The hospital's laparoscopic department, supervised by Dr. H.S Bagga, offers a comprehensive array of medical services with a particular emphasis on General Laparoscopic Surgery. Equipped with a modern high-definition laparoscopy unit, the hospital excels in performing major and supra-major surgical procedures as listed below, specializing in Surgical Gastroenterology, GI endoscopies, and Laparoscopy:

  • Laparoscopic Surgery

  • Breast Cancer & Other Cancer Treatment

  • Thyroid Tumors Treatment

  • Kidney & Urology Disorder Treatment

  • Dialysis Management

  • Piles & Fistula Treatment

Address: G.T. Road, Putli Ghar Chowk, Opposite Northern Railway Workshop, Guru Arjun Nagar, Putlighar, Amritsar

Website: https://ohrihospital.com 

5. Smt. Parvati Devi Hospital

Smt. Parvati Devi Hospital's Laparoscopic Department is known for its proficiency in minimally invasive surgical techniques. The team of laparoscopic surgeons is dedicated to providing patients with advanced, effective, and less invasive surgical options, emphasizing the hospital's commitment to providing patients with advanced and less invasive surgical options that further ensures faster recovery as well as reduced discomfort.

Patients choosing Smt. Parvati Devi Hospital can trust the hospital's experienced medical professionals and modern infrastructure, ensuring comprehensive and patient-centric healthcare services. Laparoscopic Surgeries Offered by the hospital are:

  • Lap Heller's Myotomy for Achalasia

  • Lap Hiatus Hernia Repair

  • Lap Esophagectomy

  • Lap Gastric Resection

  • Lap CBD (Common Bile Duct) Exploration

  • Lap Distal Pancreatectomy

  • Lap Whipple's Procedure for Pancreatic Cancer

  • Lap Liver Resection

  • Lap Hydatid Cyst Excision

  • Lap Surgery for Colon Cancer

  • Lap Surgery for Rectal Prolapse

  • Lap Surgery for Ulcerative Colitis

  • Laparoscopic Inguinal Hernia Repair

  • Lap Ventral/Incisional Hernia Repair

  • Laparoscopic Inguinal Hernia Repair

  • Lap Ventral/Incisional Hernia Repair

  • Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery (VATS)

  • Sleeve Gastrectomy (Bariatric Surgery)

  • Mini Gastric Bypass (Bariatric Surgery)

  • Gastric Bypass (Bariatric Surgery)

Address: A-Block Ranjit Avenue, Amritsar 143001

Website: https://parvatihospital.com 

4. Sarvhit Gastrocity

Sarvhit Gastrocity stands at the forefront of healthcare excellence, specializing in laparoscopic surgery and offering unparalleled expertise in the field. As the region's premier comprehensive gastrosciences setup, Sarvhit Gastrocity is distinguished by its first ENDOSCOPIC ULTRASOUND facility in the region, and in-house ultrasound imaging for precise diagnostics.

What sets Sarvhit Gastrocity apart is its advanced laparoscopic capabilities, with a staggering 99 percent of procedures performed using a state-of-the-art high-definition laparoscopic system. The center takes pride in being the sole facility in the city to conduct single-incision laparoscopic surgery regularly, showcasing its pioneering approach to minimally invasive procedures. Additionally, Sarvhit Gastrocity specializes in bariatric surgery, further solidifying its position as a leader in laparoscopic interventions. 

The comprehensive range of laparoscopic surgeries covers various medical conditions, from gastrointestinal issues like hernias and achalasia to procedures addressing obesity and colorectal disorders. The main services performed by Dr. Ravinder Singh Malhotra at Sarvhit Gastrocity are:

  • Gallbladder removal

  • Hernia repair

  • Appendix removal

  • Bariatric surgery( Surgery for obesity)

  • Uterine fibroid removal

  • Colon surgery

  • Biopsies

  • Endometriosis surgery

  • Prostate surgery

  • Kidney surgery

  • Spleen removal

  • Stomach surgery

  • Uterine tube ligation

Address: I/S PARVATI DEVI HOSPITAL, A - Block, Ranjit Avenue, Amritsar, Punjab - 143001

Website: https://www.sarvhitgastrocity.com/

3. EMC Group of Hospitals

EMC Hospitals' Department of General Surgery is distinguished by some of the most renowned surgeons in the region, offering both open and minimally invasive surgeries. The hospital takes pride in achieving the best surgical outcomes in the state, with consultants skilled in laparoscopic surgery from renowned international institutes.

The hospital boasts advanced medical technologies that enable accurate diagnoses and precise, safe, and cutting-edge minimally invasive surgical/interventional procedures. The hospital covers a broad spectrum of medical specialties, including Cardiothoracic Surgery, Orthopedic and Joint Replacement Surgery, Cardiology, Neuro Surgery, Nephrology and Dialysis, Neurology, Pulmonology, and more.

The range of services provided by the Department of General Surgery at EMC Hospitals includes:

  • All types of hernia (with minimally invasive techniques)

  • Appendectomy

  • Cholecystectomy (Open & Laparoscopic)

  • Hemorrhoids Piles Surgery

  • Hysterectomy

  • Laparotomy

  • Splenectomy

  • Bladder Cancer

  • Bladder Surgery

  • Kidney Stones

  • Prostate Surgery

  • Urinary Incontinence

  • Urinary Tract Infection

Address: Green Avenue, Amritsar

Website: https://emchospital.co.in/

2. Amandeep Hospital

With a legacy dating back to 1990, Amandeep Hospital stands tall as a beacon of healthcare excellence in Amritsar, Pathankot, and Jammu. Being a trailblazer in laparoscopic surgery, the hospital's General & Laparoscopic Surgery department offers a diverse range of minimally invasive procedures performed by senior General & Laparoscopic Surgeons-Dr. Paramjit Singh Kahlon and Dr. Yash Paul Gandotra, ensuring patients benefit from advanced techniques with faster recovery and reduced postoperative discomfort. These include:

  • Laparoscopic Gallbladder Surgery

  • Laparoscopic Hernia Repair

  • Laparoscopic Hysterectomy

  • Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery

  • Laparoscopic Appendectomy

  • Laparoscopic Gastrointestinal Surgeries

  • Laparoscopic Piles Surgery

  • Laparoscopic Fistula Repair

  • Laparoscopic Treatment for Pilonidal Cyst

  • Laparoscopic Adrenal Gland Removal

  • Laparoscopic Surgery for Bladder Cancer

Address: Model Town, G.T. Road, Amritsar

Website: https://amandeephospital.org

1. Altec Hospital

Altec Laser and Super Specialty NABH Hospital, located in Ranjit Avenue, Amritsar, has been a leading healthcare institution for over 11 years. Under the leadership of Chief Surgeon Dr. Praveen Devgan, the hospital is acclaimed for introducing advanced laser technology for proctology procedures. The commitment to patient-centric care and innovative surgical techniques positions Altec Hospital as a pioneer in laparoscopic and laser surgeries in the region.

Laparoscopic Services Offered by Altec Laser and Super Specialty NABH Hospital:

  • Gallstones Removal

  • Fibroids or Cysts Treatment

  • Appendicitis Surgery

  • Hernia Repair

  • Fallopian Tubes Rupture Operations

  • Piles Treatment

  • Anal Fissure Repair

  • Fistula Surgery

  • Fibroids or Cysts

Address: B-2, Ranjit Avenue, Distt. Amritsar, State - Punjab, ( India). Pin - 143001

Website: https://www.altechospital.com  

These Laparoscopic Hospitals in Amritsar collectively represent a paradigm shift in surgical care. As they continue to embrace advanced technologies and methodologies, patients can expect more effective treatments with reduced recovery times. The laparoscopic departments in these hospitals are not just medical facilities; they are pioneers in transforming the landscape of surgical interventions in the region. When it comes to laparoscopic surgery in Amritsar, these hospitals stand at the forefront, ensuring that patients receive the best possible care in a minimally invasive manner.