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Stent Procedure Surgery

A stent procedure in the heart is a minimally invasive procedure used to treat constricted or blocked arteries. The procedure involves placing a small metal mesh tube, called a stent, inside the artery. This helps to prop open the artery or other passages in the body. and improve blood flow.

What is a Stent?

A stent is a small medical device that is inserted into an artery (blood vessel) to keep it open. Stents are used to treat a variety of conditions, including atherosclerosis, hardening of the arteries, heart disease and cancer.

The Procedure of Stent Placement in Angioplasty

For angioplasty or stent surgery for the heart, a long, thin tube (catheter) is placed in the blood vessel and guided into a blocked coronary artery. Once the tube is placed, a tiny balloon is inflated at the blocked section of the coronary artery. When the catheter gets to the tight area in the artery, the plaque is broken down or shaved off, opening up the artery. 

Your doctor will remove the catheter and the tiny balloon, but a stent stays in place to keep your blocked artery open. Then, your doctor will take out the balloon, put the stent around it, and insert the balloon and the stent back into your artery. A balloon catheter, placed above the guide wire, is used to place the stent in a narrowed artery. 

To insert a stent, your healthcare provider makes a small cut into the artery in your groin, hand or neck. During your procedure, your doctor also might use an imaging technique called an angiogram to help guide the stent through your vessels. Sometimes, your cardiologist will perform the procedure called angiogram first, but then move forward with coronary artery angioplasty as part of the same procedure. This procedure can also be used during a heart attack to rapidly open blocked arteries and lessen heart damage. 

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